This time last year, my financial situation was real precarious. I was a contract worker hustling to make the mortgage payment. That was my only concern. Shortly thereafter, my position came permanent and I stopped holding my breath. Contracting is so volatile: you never know when you'll be out of work. Instability irks my nerves.

Now that I've been on this job for about a year, I'm ready to move on. I'm trying to make the best of it but the truth is..I'm no longer interested. Maybe if they hadn't canned my boss in May I'd feel differently. Maybe. Maybe not.

On Thursday I went into my boss' office to let her know I wanted to speak to her about a few things before she left for vacation. She looks at me and says, "I never know when you're gonna come in here and tell me you've found another job." I didn't acknowledge her remark and continued with my purpose. Was she expecting me to deny it? Heh. That's her cross to bear, not mine.

I've worked with her for about four months now. Our sales team will total 17 probably by the end of the year (current total is 9). I'm not interested in being responsible for that many people. And guess what? I didn't get a raise with my annual review, although my work is "very good" and i "write better than most VPs". And that doesn't deserve a reward. I don't get any love for that?

Apparently not.

Now I'm being shown it's time to move. After I started in this position, I've always said, "If my raise doesn't look good, I'm looking elsewhere." It's time for me to produce fecal matter or remove my posterior from the chamber pot.

I'm dusting off my resume and applying to different obscure postings. I hate emailing my resume. I much prefer to fax. I've found it to be much easier to get a response that way. I'll be trekking my way back to the staffing agencies real soon. I've noticed companies are starting to use them much more. I'll put them to work for me as well. Somebody out there is gonna pay me $60k. The ads I've seen are offering 28-32k. No thanks. They can keep that.

Also, it's time to review my 101 in 1001 list. Although I've completed about half my list, I'm very excited to make another one. It's been a very good tool to keep me focused on what I want to accomplish. I get so angry with myself sometimes because I know I can do so much more. In all reality, I've already accomplished a lot, moreso than other people in my age group facing similar situations.

What can I say? The grind never stops.

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