When we're born into this world we're dependent on another person to provide for our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Once we become of age, most people take over and become responsible for themselves. Again, in the elder years, some people return to dependent status. I'm facing this situation with my mother.

At 59 years old, she's really not computer literate and needs lots of guidance. As demonstrated in our session today, I'm not the best instructor for her. While trolling the Internets this afternoon, I found a senior job placement program she'd likely qualify for. I hope she's selected to participate. Supporting two households is damn near crippling me.

This situation has me reviewing my own life insurance policy and debt management. I don't want to put a strain on my kids when they're older since they'll have their own lives to manage: student and car loans, mortgages, families, etc. I decided to look into getting a life insurance policy for her since I'm more than certain she doesn't have one. I went to my insurance agent's website to see what was offered and they have waaaaaay more options than I need. I'm going to call to meet with her to see what my options are. It's likely I'll add to my own policy as well.

"Planning for the future" is a common theme distributed through various media outlets. It doesn't become real until the future becomes the present.

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