It's been a minute since I've had the time or inclination to write anything. I've been busy trying to keep this house together and making my plans for the new year. Understand when I say "plans for the new year", I'm not referring to partying. My new year plan is a list of goals I want to accomplish and the list for 2008 is very long, extending into 2009. Sometimes, the best laid plans get fucked up, but I need some type of guide. The list is roughly sketched but it has three subheadings: Personal, Professional and Family.

I may be close to securing a new job for the new year. I've been on a few interviews and I'm in the process of scheduling more. In addition to working full-time, I work part-time in a file room of a major government agency. This is only temporary though. Filing sucks, but those checks will definitely be put to good use. Who can't use extra money during the holiday season? On Saturday, I go in for an interview with H&R Block. I think it's a receptionist type job. Not bad for seasonal. After I'm hired, I need to think of a more formal plan for what I want to do with that money. Of course this entails pulling my credit report. *shudders*

I've been also doing some research on the SBA website. I'm have it up to *here* working the plantation of Corporate America. I only see myself doing this for a couple more years. I know some people who just jump out there and call themselves starting a business and have barely done any research. Or throw together some half assed website proclaiming to be an entrepreneur. I don't want to just work for myself or give the illusion of self employment; I want a thriving business that's beneficial to many people, not just myself. Right now my idea is still in infancy; I'm mainly just writing down my thoughts and trying to get organized. I'm starting small cause I don't want to take on more than I can reasonably handle. There are so many programs that will GIVE small disadvantaged minority owned businesses money to operate. I don't mean loans or partners, but grants. Now that's some good shit.

I gotta take a nap before I head back to work.


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