Today was my first day on the job. It wasn't exciting.

I left early to get a feel for the commute; I've never had to drive to work on a regular basis before. Besides, driving is the only way I can get there. Which kinda sucks. I arrived in a half hour which wasn't bad. Everyone keeps telling me I'm going against traffic and the commute shouldn't be too bad. Whatever. Driving first thing in the morning with mfs that haven't had their coffee or weed is a real pain in the ass.

When I arrived, nothing was prepared for me: My cube didn't have a name plate, my laptop wasn't ready, nobody really had any just kinda sucked. They're a decent group of people so working with them shouldn't be too difficult. There's this one guy everybody's kinda leary of and I'm not sure why.

It's company policy that everybody take their laptops home at the end of the day. They can't be left sitting around, nor can they be locked up. That kinda sucks since I don't want to be responsible for the thing, but it's kinda good cause I can work from home if I need to.

It's the same work I've been doing so I shouldn't have a problem getting up and running. The problem is I have no interest in doing this kind of work anymore so I hope I can transition out of it in the future. Including me, two other people started today. They're expanding so quickly; I hope there's room for me to move into something else. I can't waste away as an admin.

The health care coverage is waaaaay more expensive than what I'm used to paying. I hope I can get a good rate from BC/BS. The company pays my premium, so I'd only need to get coverage for the kids.

I'm working with my old boss again so I'm glad for that. I'm actually excited. Now that I have work, I'm starting to receive offers I applied for way back when. That's so annoying! There were a couple of weeks where I had no prospects at all. That's what led to that minor depressive episode, but as most things, that too, has passed.

I had de ja vu u at my desk today. Though de ja vu is defined as "the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time", I know this was not an illusion. I saw the same exact scenario in a dream, though I wasn't sleeping. It's hard to describe those types of episodes. When I do, people tend to think i"m nuts anyway. That's okay. I know it's God's way of telling me I'm where I'm supposed to be at any given time in my life.

I wonder why I've been led to this place, what lesson I'm supposed to learn. Maybe I'm supposed to make more connections. Maybe it's career advancement. Maybe it's better health. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm looking forward to the journey laid out before me.

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