The kids' school is having a Vday dance on Thurs. The catch: they have to wear their "Sunday best". Damn. Since our Sunday best consists of old sweats and tank tops, I spent my Sunday afternoon in search for something appropriate to wear.

Being that my funds are limited till this new job starts tomorrow, I head to the thrift store to see what we could come up with. The best we could find was a pair of slacks for the boy. Off to JC Penny I went. They were posed to be having a good sale.

I found a shirt and tie set for the boy, but the, I could do without. I'm surprised he picked something so plain. I thought he'd want to get one of the cool colors, but it's hard to tell with him. He's strange like that. I was able to find a nice evening dress for the girl, but it's too big! The price was right ($10, original--$90) so I bought it with the intention of puttin a tuck here and a tuck there.

Though it's a black dress, it looks wonderful on her. I don't like to put her in dark clothes because of her skin tone; they typically don't do her much justice. She had her heart set on this dress so I make it work, somehow.

I get her in the dress tonight to figure out how Imma make it fit her. Mind you, I don't know how to sew. Nothing more than a stuff animal when I had to sew em by hand working at this place several years ago.

I'm very glad it only took a couple of stitches to tuck the straps and the sides. Any more than that I woulda been out of luck. I do whatever it takes so they can participate and enjoy different experiences. As a mom, that's important to me. Throughout my life, there have been very few things I've been able to pursue for the sake of enjoyment. Every endeavor had a concrete purpose to achieve an end result.

I want them to enjoy life and not have to worry about anything other than being children.

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