My commute doesn't suck all the time. Only when I'm tired. Only when some d-bag decides it would be a great idea to rear end somebody on 295-N during rush hour, slowing the traffic down to a painful one lane crawl. I can usually make it to work and back with one eye open (gotta sleep sometime!), but occasionally, there's some shit that crosses my field of vision when both my eyes are open.

I'm mindin my business on the parkway. Some asshole is just sitting there when she should be moving. License plate read: "Glamrus". Make: VW Beetle. I was too. through. with her. A Beetle? Glamorous? Are you serious? You've got to be shittin me.

Today, I'm on the way home, just mindin my business. I look over to the left...dude in the car next to me has jheri curl caps on his headrests! I damn near run over the curb trynna call somebody to report the shit! Is that legal? That's the equivalent to the plastic covering Auntie has on her "good furniture". Who does that. Make: Toyota Corolla.

Somebody call God and tell him come get his kids. They play too much.

29.April.2008    08:47 PM     Commments: 0

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