My morning was going fine. People weren't parading in and out of my cube. I was fairly organized and was satisfied with my morning accomplishments. On the cusp of afternoon, I receive an IM of fuckery from my ex friend. [I've blogged about him before; I'm just too lazy to link]

Though I have no real interest in communicating with him, I don't mind the idle chit chat. What I do mind is the random out pour of emotion. He really needs to get that in check. He begins to tell me that he still has feelings for me and blah blah. As I'm reading that mess, I'm trying to decide whether or not it would be appropriate to ask "What are you telling me for?", though I thought it very loudly. He then tells me that I hurt him "sooooooo bad". Um, nigga and?

Lest not forget about his cold treatment and rejection, but I'm still supposed to hold a soft spot for him after six years? How about no? I told him I didn't hurt him, that he hurt himself. I can't stand when niggas try to play the victim and not want to be held accountable for their actions when shit dont go the way they want it to.

That shit is real stale.

13.May.2008    10:38 PM     Commments: 0