A lot of randomocity has occured lately. (LOL! i said that like it's actually a word...or is it?) I'll just give a quick rundown of what's been on my mind lately.

The amount of fingers on one hand will account for the number of true friends I have...with change left over. Sometimes I get these spurts where I want to make friends...then I'm over it. Quick. It's always been my position to keep to myself cause people have a tendency to disappoint me. They place expectations upon me that they either can't or don't want to maintain on their end and I'm not interested in a one-sided friendship. Reciprocity much?

Apparently, I said something to a friend last week that she didn't like. It certainly wasn't my intention to offend her, but she said it herself: Truth hurts." So if it's the truth...why are you mad at me for sayin it? What gives? Now I can see if I had lied, which I hadn't. But to have an mf mad at me for tellin the truth? I can't relate. So to my knowledge, we aren't friends anymore.

Same shit, different toilet. Overworked and moderatly paid, but I think I'm getting caught up with the work part. The pay part--not so much. I'm working on changing that as well.

Today the CFO sent an all employee email and labled it with high importance. I open the email to find that his daughter was coming in the office to sell Girl Scout cookies. TF? Important to whom? Talk about corporate abuse. Exit stage left.

I absolutely hate it when he brings that chile to work. Everybody fawns over this lil blonde haired chile like she's special. Secondly, the recept acts like a damn nanny to her. She then expects anyone who sits at the reception desk to be a wet nurse. I refuse. I don't go to work to play with kids (it's all subjective, really) nor am I contracted to babysit. That aint happening. I'm not rude to the chile; I'll smile and say hello. Anything more than that is extra, and I'm not putting for the extra effort.

I've decided to stop fooling around and finish my degree. I'm signed up for two courses this semester. Unfortunately, I hae to pay my tuition out of pocket but my job will reimburse. I wish they offered tuition assistance instead of tuition reimbursement. This shit is hurting my pockets but I'll do whatever I need to so I don't have to work another boring admin job.

When I cover the reception desk I make a point to bring my textbook along to get in a lil study time. I can barely get past the first page without fiddlem mfs stopping to ask me what I'm reading, as if they've never seen anyone read a book before. They don't know how to respond after I tell them what it's about, then they slink away. It's hilarious! I'm reading From Slavery to Freedom for my African American Studies course. The story is unbelievable. I'm really enjoying it.

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My Bloggerversay has come and gone and I'm pretty indifferent to it. I became disenchanted with blogging a couple of years ago; it just wasn't fun anymore. In my opinion, there are way too many useless gossip and niche blogs. You really can have too much of a good (or not so good) thing. Good personal blogs are hard to come by. I'd rather spend my afternoon reading about an average person's experiences and opinions than read the latest Beyonce or Paris Hilton gossip. Besides, them bitches bore me to death.

I have very little to report as far as new happenings is concerned, though I'll touch on a few things.

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