I haven't always been in the best finiancial situation, but I make the best with what I have. Given the current state of the economy, most people would say I'm doing just fine. I really can't complain.

On New Year's Eve I made a promise to myself that I would adopt better financial habits. I pulled my credit report two weeks before Xmas and was very disappointed by what I saw. From that moment I subscribed to finance blogs including the financial newsletter from the Washington Post.

As I was reading through the material, I realized I knew most of what I needed to do because, well, it seemed like smart things to do. The not so smart part was not putting these tools to use. After I weeded through the info to determined what applied to me, I opened a savings account. Though I would save money periodically, it was housed in a checking account and easily accessible which is a bad idea for right now. I opened an account with ING Direct which had the best interest rate at the time. It's linked to one of my checking accounts, I can still do a money transfer, but I can't walk up to the ATM and take money out, which helps me maintain a balance. If I should encounter a situation, I can just transfer money and wait a couple of days.. Not really a big deal.

To also cover non-routine expenses, I now keep a cushion in my main checking account instead of spending down to my last dollar. It's hard not to sometimes, but it keeps me covered, especially when I have to wait for a transfer from my savings account.

I said all of this to bring me to my fuckery filled afternoon.

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