I haven't always been in the best finiancial situation, but I make the best with what I have. Given the current state of the economy, most people would say I'm doing just fine. I really can't complain.

On New Year's Eve I made a promise to myself that I would adopt better financial habits. I pulled my credit report two weeks before Xmas and was very disappointed by what I saw. From that moment I subscribed to finance blogs including the financial newsletter from the Washington Post.

As I was reading through the material, I realized I knew most of what I needed to do because, well, it seemed like smart things to do. The not so smart part was not putting these tools to use. After I weeded through the info to determined what applied to me, I opened a savings account. Though I would save money periodically, it was housed in a checking account and easily accessible which is a bad idea for right now. I opened an account with ING Direct which had the best interest rate at the time. It's linked to one of my checking accounts, I can still do a money transfer, but I can't walk up to the ATM and take money out, which helps me maintain a balance. If I should encounter a situation, I can just transfer money and wait a couple of days.. Not really a big deal.

To also cover non-routine expenses, I now keep a cushion in my main checking account instead of spending down to my last dollar. It's hard not to sometimes, but it keeps me covered, especially when I have to wait for a transfer from my savings account.

I said all of this to bring me to my fuckery filled afternoon.

I chilled most of the morning and sorted dirty laundry. Let me tell you, kids are nasty as hell. I have some of the grossest laundry I've ever experienced. I don't even want to wash this shit. I think I should have named my son Pig Pen. The baby doesn't pretty good but again, she's only three, soon to be four.

At any rate, I load up the car with these mega bags of laundry...to find out the damn car wouldn't start. Talk about mad as hell! I didn't trip; I called my insurance compay since roadside assistance is included in my policy. I called the after hours hotline and the rep was barely any help! I told her I wanted a company that could replace my car battery onsite, meaning, I dont want my shit towed, send me somebody that can fix this shit at my front door.

She did an Internet search, gave me three numbers to call and sent me on my way. I was astounded! Isn't she supposed to SEND SOMEBODY FOR ME? Like, do the leg work her damn self. I called one number and told the guy what I wanted...and he laughed at me. Pissed, I thanked him and hung up the phone, while he was still talking, no less. He shoulda been more personable! The second number I called didn't even service my area. I didn't even bother with the third number. I'd already wasted enough time. So I got online and did MY OWN damn Google search and found 495 Towing , a company offering EXACTLY what I need. Isn't this what the damn roadside assistance hotline was supposed to do?

Either way, I'm glad it's on its way to being resolved. I'm also I'm glad I have enough in my savings account to cover the pricey, but worth it fee.

Saving really pays.

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