When I moved to this Deanwood neighborhood 7 years ago, there weren't may children to play with. As the kids became acclimated with the school and neighbors, kids came from every where. In typical fashion, I haven't agreed with some of their friendships and made significant effort to sever them. Some kids carry a substantial burden with them, having been exposed to situations I'd be unsure how to handle even as an adult.

My son has a motley crew of colorful friends: the big headed mulatto, the ever present snotty nose, the really pretty smart girl and the thug in training. Interactions with these children have mostly been pleasant though I know a couple of em are always up to something.

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My boss is a cool guy. He's pretty low maintenence and doesn't bug me much. He has a good sense of humor and can make fun of himself. What I like most about him is that he's fair and reasonable. Having found someone with whom I have such good synergy with makes me want to cling to it like it's the last thing on Earth, but I'm convinced doing so will impede my progress.

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