My boss is a cool guy. He's pretty low maintenence and doesn't bug me much. He has a good sense of humor and can make fun of himself. What I like most about him is that he's fair and reasonable. Having found someone with whom I have such good synergy with makes me want to cling to it like it's the last thing on Earth, but I'm convinced doing so will impede my progress.

I've been an Administrative Assistant for about eight years with five of those years at the executive level. I don't have major beef with the work I do; I just know my capabilities exceed the position. My boss and I have discussed this and he's very supportive. For that I am thankful. I'm also uneasy. Soon I'll be stepping into the unknown with traces of familiar. I'm thirsty for challenges and upward mobility though I'm at odds with how much responsiblity I'm willing to assume.

I have a full life trying to encourge these kids, explore their interests and develop their natural talents so they can have a full future. By focusing on my education and career, the focus may shift away from the aforementioned objectives. I can't be everything to everybody all at the same time. Not even to myself. The sacrifice makes me nervous.

But I'm excited! I'm excited to shed the admin skin and begin my ascent into higher positions with better salaries. There's so much to prepare for; I need to make sure I have the skills needed to take me to the next level. I have a lot of studying to do without a strong plan for accomplishment. It's not reasonable to expect to be able to cram everything at once, but I gotta do what I need to do to make it. Where I am today isn't indicitive to where I'll be tomorrow.

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