Today has been one of those days: not necessarily a bad day but tough in its own right.

For the past month I've been pulled in several directions mentally and emotionally. Again, not necessarily a bad is what it is. Tired of being yanked on, I'm pulling back to keep some of me I don't have the emotional or spiritual endurance to be sucked into other people's shit. Oh, and how they love to sling shit.

I'm in a different space; I hesitate to say a new space because I don't have a sense of newness...just different. I'm letting go.

I'm letting go of all the people and situations that drain me. I'm letting go of people and situations which are not beneficial to my spiritual and emotional wellbeing. I'm letting go and falling into me.

I believe this selfishness is necessary sometimes. I can't help anybody else if I'm not in good condition. Hell, I can't help MYSELF if I'm not in good condition.

Letting go feels good. I still very much love some of the people I let go. Now when I say "let go", I don't mean they've been expunged from my life. I mean I'm no longer emotionally connected to their personal or professional success. I wish them no misfortune, of course. I just won't allow anyone to emotionally sponge off me anymore. I won't entertain emails or situations of foolishness. I've come to realize help and support are not required...they just want to bitch. I can't let that in my spirit.

17.November.2009    09:08 PM     Commments: 0