Maybe I'm more affected by my upcoming 30th bday than I thought. It shouldn't be a big deal; it's just another year older, but really, it's more than that. It's a loving farewell to my 20s and excitement about what's in store during this next decade of my life.

I'm in a relatively good place: I'm exporing my spirituatlity. I'm learning how to capitalize on my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. I'm much more comfortable with me than I've ever been.

But I'm still single.

Summer is coming and I have no partner to share my happy or newness with. I just came out of a four year relationship that I have absolutely no regrets about not rekindling. I need a partner more suitable to my needs and temperament, and that's proven elusive in this area. The one guy I thought was an option turned out to be a waste of time and the long distance dude....I don't see that working out either. Maybe it's best I'm on my own.

I dont fret over being single, nor am I afraid to be alone, but not unlike any other warm-blooded human...I get lonely. I understand I have to be patient and wait until the right guy comes along. I don't mind. I'm not interested in "Mr. Right Now". I don't have the time to waste.

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