The DC area is under a tornado watch and I hope it passes over soon. The power flickered so I turned the tv off hoping to avoid a power surge frying my damn tv. Which is most unfortunate; there's nothing else to keep this chile occupied while I'm trying to decompress. My mind is every where today and I'm having a hard time getting it together.

I've made the last payment on my furniture yesterday and it will be delivered in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it. I miss having a comfortable living space. These kids tear up more than their fair share; so much so, I can't stand having anybody here.

I'm also looking to add live greenery to the decor. I've never tried to grow anything other than humans. This will be a new experience for me. The bright side? There are fewer consequences for killing plants under your care than there are for the same regarding humans.

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It's only mid-July but the season is definitely about to change. I eyeball my closet and realize there's na'an piece of fall clothing in my new size. In fact, I have to buy an entire fall/winter wardrobe. The thought saddened me. I aint got stacks like that.

I felt much better after pillaging my friends closets. I'm not starting from the ground up anymore but I still have a long way to go. We did a bit of shopping after dinner and I absolutely fell in love with Charming Charlie. It's an adorable store where I have the potential to spend way too much money. It's like the entire store was made just for me.

While browsing, I saw a dress in coral which is one of my new favorite colors. I pick it up and hold it up to the light, not really sure what I'd do with it. I thought it could be a tunic or somesuch, so I tried it on with my jeans.

I liked it. It looked very pretty and I already have acessories to match it. The $15 sale price sure helped. My friend came in the dressing room and was like " should prolly take off your jeans." Hmmm, novel idea. I give it a try and my heart almost stopped at what I saw: the dress actually fit. I was actually wearing a dress from a store which doesn't place additional numerals in front of the sizing system.

I panicked.

I did the fingertip test to see how long the dress was (or wasn't) and it passed. I turned to view myself from a few angles and all I saw was micro mini. Poor sales clerk; I know she thought I was insane, writhing about in the mirror. "Normal" size clothes are beyond my comprehension. My friend told me to "get over it" cause she's just sympathetic like that.

I have to learn to look at me as I am and not what I used to be.

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