It's August 1st which means my 30th birthday is in 25 days and counting. I'm excited! I can't wait to leave my 20s behind and move into my 30s. I expect to be taken seriously as a mother and adult which is something I found to be elusive in my 20s.

Society depicts your 20s as some funfilled jaunt full of learning experiences which shape you into a productive member of society. Um, sure they do. Man, my 20s were hellacious. Mostly my fault and some...not so much. I've had a variety of experiences which I can't say were all good. Not even half were good. Now that I have more experience and guidance I expect situations in my 30s to go much smoother. Am I too optimistic? Who knows?

I my 30s I will....

  • pray

  • finish my undergrad & grad degrees

  • go to as many concerts as I see fit

  • travel

  • write a book

  • become sterile

  • send send two kids to college

  • relocate out of state

  • start a book club

  • purchase investment property

  • find my niche in technology

  • lose 65lbs

  • In my 30s I will not continute to...

  • invest in relationships that aren't beneficial to my wellbeing

  • put others needs before my own

  • be held hostage by fear

  • entertain the foolishness of others

  • alter the essence of me to become palatable to others

  • take on other people's problems as my own

  • use credit unwisely
  • Where should I begin?

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